1. I wanted to post a portion of the free-verse poem I wrote in class today, the ones we wrote on “things”. I’m not really a great poet, but I’d really enjoy the feedback!

She walks into the light of a new day

With fresh air in her lungs and weight on her back

She spreads her arms and lets the light bore into her skin

As the colours come, bountiful

Flustering, twinkling with every caress

Of a summer’s breeze

And for a few moments, she feels weightless

She flees from her home,

Taking on the skies as if they were her own

Watching the specks of humans from above

As they carry on with their messy, busy, hurried day

And as she watches from aflight, she feels weightless

This is only a portion, I’d love to come back and add/edit more. Any feedback is helpful!