Cory Monteith’s birthday tribute from Lea Michele

this breaks my heart every time i scroll past it.

The Marquee Blog

If Cory Monteith had lived, he would have turned 32 on May 11.

But even in his absence, his girlfriend Lea Michele has commemorated the occasion by remembering Monteith as he was: a man with a “beautiful smile.”

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bright lights in the big city

Recently i came home from the business trip to New York City, and i know New York City is a huge tourist destination. there are pictures of the city plastered everywhere, nearly every hollywood blockbuster is based out of central park, and all of the best actors, actresses, singers and dancers come from there. i knew all the cliches and i think i had an image of what the city was going to look like in my head. but what i found when i got to the city was that new york city is not something you can just piece together in your mind with pictures of times square from pinterest, and you can’t really take someone’s opinion on the city. New York City is different to every person. the feel of the bright lights at midnight, the screeching of car tires driving down fifth ave, and the smell of street food is different to every person. i really don’t even think i can describe how i felt walking around the city, and the only word that comes to mind when i try to describe the city is phenomenal. New York City is where people go to try and find their passion, whether it is through exploring central park (i swear, it would take you three days to explore that entire park), driving down fifth ave trying as your wallet starts to cry from your pocket, or strolling down the streets of greenwich village, where all the coolest people seem to be, New York City seems to have a corner for every person looking to fit in. 

We only technically had three days in the city to explore every part of the city, so we did the standard tourist stuff: Times Square, Chinatown, Harlem, Greenwich Village, Ellis Island, Brooklyn, Wallstreet, and Soho. Every single part of the city is different. Some parts have people running in business suits with a phone pressed against their ears, some people are walking their cats into coffee shops in uptown Greenwich, and sometimes you have the odd homeless person dancing around in the streets near New York University. Wherever  I seemed to go, the people, no matter who they were or what they looked like, seemed so comfortable with themselves, they all seemed to fit in. I really wish sometimes that cities like Kitchener or Toronto were like that, where there are just so many varieties of people that all you can really do is be yourself rather than compare yourself to the millions of others out there. Everyone was friendly and didn’t care what you looked like, if you were respectful, they’d hold a conversation with you for hours if they had the time. I’m not sure what it is about the city, but it changes people. I got a little taste of the rest of the world confined into 30 square miles.