mindless thoughts

The fluorescent lights shone brightly on this dreary summer day, a little too brightly, and my cozy corner in Jill’s Jelly Donut Shoppe seemed more like a hospital surgery ward rather than a sweet little coffee cafe shoved in the farthest nook of the city. The harsh lighting shed light on the creamer swirling into my coffee that tasted more like a muddy puddle after a rain storm. Still, it tastes like home. The book in front of me, The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby by Charles Dickens sits pearched atop my many overdue literature assignments, and as I scan the tower of ancient tales, I can feel procrastination dully stinging on the back of my neck. Of course, I know what my father would say to this. “I’m not paying for you to sit in a damn coffee shop and fill your gut with sugar”, he’d say. But as stubborn as it was to please him, the feeling of pissing him off felt like a rush of adrenaline. I always told myself I’d show up his dead beat ass. I take a giant sigh, exhaling the thought from my mind, don’t need those kinds of thoughts rotting my brain. I push my curly brown locks out of the way of my glasses, adjusting them in the process. I finally indulge myself in the work of Charles Dickens, Louise Bogan, and Robert Frost, all the while indulging my body with a classic cinnamon bun, without the frosting, of course. It was a favourite of… oh no, I told myself I’d stop with these stupid flashbacks. And as if on cue, that flashback, a.k.a. Will August, bursted through the door. And by bursted, I mean literally. He pushed through the glass panelled door with a loud screech of wind tailing in behind him. The rain came down so hard and was so opaque that Will’s tanned skin seemed to radiate off a white backdrop. I swear on my life, that boy could make a statement walking into the gates of Heaven. Will shuffled haphazardly across the checkered floors of Jill’s Jelly Donut Shoppe, eyeing every table, shelf and person in the joint suspiciously. The tables packed with people stared at him accusingly, but only I knew what he was looking for. Me.

It probably comes as a shock to most that the little nerdy girl from highschool has managed to get, or rather kidnap in most people’s opinions, a boyfriend who resembles more of a young Mark Wahlburg rather than your average highschool football star. (to be continued) 


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