I came across a quote the other day and it was one of those quotes that sticks with you no matter where you go.

“I wonder how society would live if we all looked up at the stars every one in a while”. 

Really made me think about how if we all stopped doing what we’re doing for one day, took a look around at where we are in our lives and where we’re going, maybe we’d be able to feel better about what decisions we’re making. I mean, most of us are 17-18 years old, have been accepted to university, are starting full time jobs for the summer, travelling next year, or have absolutely no idea where they’ll be in the next 5 years. Society really pushes you to decide what you’re going to do right here and right now, but sometimes I feel like that’s not enough time. I think I’d like to stare at the stars a little while longer. 



The sun lowers itself on the plains

Bleeding colours from the remnants of the day

Twilight edges like a razor along the horizon

Threatening the atmosphere with it’s ghoul-ridden fog


I sink my body into safety

Exhaling my soul from frustration

I threaten my mind with schemes of destruction

The ghouls begin to seize my attention


As the sun hovers

My heart stays afloat

As darkness spreads

My destruction flourishes


 I am trapped in the dusk.

Where do I belong?