The battle against drugs

As a person who has been severely sick a lot of my life, I know what medicinal drugs can do to you. I’ve been placed percocets, propofol (the drug that killed Michael Jackson), morophine, and as many other drugs as you can think of that may have been used in a hospital setting. I can see how easy it is to become addicted to drugs and to the euphoric feeling it gives you, so I can understand what a drug addict might feel when they get their fix. But shouldn’t we be keeping addictive drugs off the market instead of placing them on the market for anyone to get their hands on? I recently found an article about how the FDA has approved a new drug, called Zohydro, which is a pain pill that can be easily prescribed by a doctor for people with chronic pain. The problem with this drug is that it contains an extremely high dose of opiod. For those of you who didn’t learn what an opiod was in grade eight health class, an opiod closely resembles morophine, it’s just a painkiller drug. It is used in ibuprofen, and in extreme cases, is used on cancer patients. However, when taken in high doses, it messes with the nervous system, and can act as a hallucinatory drug. The drug also contains hydrocodone, an extremely addictive, and one of the most abused opiods. Opiods are highly addictive, and nearly 17,000 died from overdosing on the drug in 2010. Making it available on the market for more people to get their hands on it just does not seem right. Read the full article here:



One thought on “The battle against drugs

  1. I heard on CNN that more people died of prescription drug overdoes than in car accidents last year in the US…


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