notice me

My lust for him grows deeper with every beat of the drum

And I think, he’d never notice me.


Her eyes flicker and bounce like the rhythm of this song

But I think, why would she notice me?


My heart flutters, blinding like the spectacle of lights

But oh, doesn’t he know he’s the only light I ever saw.



The battle against drugs

As a person who has been severely sick a lot of my life, I know what medicinal drugs can do to you. I’ve been placed percocets, propofol (the drug that killed Michael Jackson), morophine, and as many other drugs as you can think of that may have been used in a hospital setting. I can see how easy it is to become addicted to drugs and to the euphoric feeling it gives you, so I can understand what a drug addict might feel when they get their fix. But shouldn’t we be keeping addictive drugs off the market instead of placing them on the market for anyone to get their hands on? I recently found an article about how the FDA has approved a new drug, called Zohydro, which is a pain pill that can be easily prescribed by a doctor for people with chronic pain. The problem with this drug is that it contains an extremely high dose of opiod. For those of you who didn’t learn what an opiod was in grade eight health class, an opiod closely resembles morophine, it’s just a painkiller drug. It is used in ibuprofen, and in extreme cases, is used on cancer patients. However, when taken in high doses, it messes with the nervous system, and can act as a hallucinatory drug. The drug also contains hydrocodone, an extremely addictive, and one of the most abused opiods. Opiods are highly addictive, and nearly 17,000 died from overdosing on the drug in 2010. Making it available on the market for more people to get their hands on it just does not seem right. Read the full article here:



  1. I wanted to post a portion of the free-verse poem I wrote in class today, the ones we wrote on “things”. I’m not really a great poet, but I’d really enjoy the feedback!

She walks into the light of a new day

With fresh air in her lungs and weight on her back

She spreads her arms and lets the light bore into her skin

As the colours come, bountiful

Flustering, twinkling with every caress

Of a summer’s breeze

And for a few moments, she feels weightless

She flees from her home,

Taking on the skies as if they were her own

Watching the specks of humans from above

As they carry on with their messy, busy, hurried day

And as she watches from aflight, she feels weightless

This is only a portion, I’d love to come back and add/edit more. Any feedback is helpful!


We’re all hypocrites

 My biggest pet peeve ever is when someone or something comes off as a blatant hypocrite, and over my last four years in high school, I’ve really noticed how true it is that everyone at some point is a hypocrite.

A hypocrite is someone who preaches one thing, but does something totally different. For example, if I were to tell my friend that I hated them for kissing my ex boyfriend, but I did the same thing to her, that would make me a hypocrite. It just really seems lately that everyone seems to be trying to find “who they are” as a person in their final year of high school, and by doing that, they are subtly critisizing who they used to be by using hypocracy.

I’ll give you a recent example. One of my very best friends used to be so quiet the past three years of school, but she had a darker side to her. Deep down she was very insecure, and really talked badly about people which I think helped her cope. Recently, (I don’t know if it’s just this year that has changed her attitude, but) she was about someone who she used to be close friends with, complimenting them and talking about how much they loved their attitude, etc. Later on in the day, we started talking about it again, and I called her out on what she had said and told her that I thought she didn’t used to like that person.. She directly told me, “I don’t talk about people like that, I don’t really care about people who shit talk”. It really threw me off that she said that, because she was the exact opposite of who she used to be not even two years ago. 

I know sometimes people don’t mean to be hypocritical, sometimes they just forget. But I really think that hypocracy is used a lot like a tool for changing yourself. You know how it takes 21 days to make a habit? The more people tell themselves something that may be the exact opposite of what they think of themselves, the more it sticks to your brain, and the more hypocritical it makes you seem. Deep down, yes, we are all hypocrites inside. We may think sometimes, “oh, I’m a pretty nice person”, or “I don’t think I’ve ever really been rude”, when really at some point in time, we probably were those things. It’s just a major pet peeve that I have when people directly act like hypocrites. I think what part of makes a person a good person is when they are able to admit their faults.