15 minutes of fame

Breaking news stories in the news on January 23, 2014:

  • a family of a pregnant and brain-dead woman in Fortworth, Texas, ask a judge to allow the family to take her off life support, sparking massive debate between pro-life and pro-choice abortioners, and hospital officials who refuse to end her treatment, even though the baby may not even survive birth and the hospital bills are running up thousands of bills for the family
  • two people charged, convicted and sent to prison for abusing feminine activist Caroline Criado-Perez over Twitter
  • three bombings ripped through downtown Cairo, Egypt, destroying the police headquarters and city hall, killing five passerbys
  • Justin Bieber was arrested for a DUI
  • three dead and thirty are missing after a fire destroyed a nursing home in L’Isle-Verte, Quebec; too cold for workers to search for remains

One of these is not like the other.

How many of you reading this right now, heard about these headlines? How many made top world news?

In every CBC, Global News, The National and Toronto Sun headline I read online, each one was bombarded by atleast one picture or one headline leading to Justin Bieber after he was arrested for a DUI in Miami. It seems to me that he’s only getting so much publicity because hes FAMOUS. Everyone adored him, and now we are just watching him fall, which is what half the world has been waiting for. But honestly, how does a 19-year old getting a DUI trump over a COUNTRY BEING BOMBED. What makes Justin Bieber’s life and mistakes so much more interesting than any one elses? Yeah, he’s a 19-year old, they make mistakes, everyone at that age does. But if it was just a random, drunk teenager who no one knew from Stratford, Ontario, no one would be reacting like this. He’d be in jail by now. But no, not precious Justin.

I have no interest in Justin Bieber, I don’t care about the fact that he’s going down, even though we all knew it would happen eventually. I don’t care about his music, I just ignore the popstar all together. But I think there is something wrong with society the day a popstar makes world news for 24 hours straight over politics or human rights. Those are the things people should be paying attention to, because those are the things people want to hear because they apply to the public. Justin Bieber got a DUI. Does that affect you 2,000 miles away? Didn’t think so.

And to those beliebers who want to “free” Justin? No way in hell would I want to see him walk free. Just because he’s famous and rich doesn’t mean he can throw some money at the judge and he can walk free. He was driving 50 miles over the posted speed limit, and was above the legal alcohol limit. If he was a regular person, Justin could be sent to jail for up to six months. He could have hurt someone. I don’t want to see him get away with this, and I definitely am sick of stupid stories about celebrities buying the latest thing or wearing the latest trend trump over the news stories that people actually need to hear.


4 thoughts on “15 minutes of fame

  1. Maybe I’m just old guy(although I truly hear the talent in Lorde) but I don’t get the whole Justin Bieber as star thing…his voice is dime-a-dozen, his music so perfectly forgettable…I just don’t get it…


    • I think its attraction. A lot of being in the music industry is how attractive you are, and hes got 49 million girls who think just that. Couple that with repetetive and catchy lyrics, you have a pop sensation. I think hes getting into all this trouble as a way to stay in the spot light. I mean he’s 19 and his career is already ending, its understandable.

  2. It’s time that people stop buying what industry wants to sell and begin to buy into only what we ourselves truly. I see a sad upcoming generation in which people have their thoughts produced in some board meeting by a multi-million dollar company that desires only to be a multi-billion dollar company. I sincerely hope that people, especially younger generations, will wake up and see that they are being spoon fed slop instead of the hearty chicken noodle they thought they were receiving.
    Law is law. Even world leaders are supposed to face the same consequences as civilians if they commit the same crimes. Mr. Beiber has had his life handed to him, he does not need or deserve the sympathy of anyone but himself.

    • Exactly! What really gets me is how his “beliebers” are standing behind him on all this as well, and that we all make mistakes. That may be true, but you don’t just have a couple beers and suddenly wake up behind the wheel of a car. It was a deliberate choice. Law is law, no one is above it, Justin should get the same punishment that a regular citizen would get, but sadly, that is not the case because it seems his life and his status in this world is above everything else. I mean, look at how many people are arrested on a daily basis for assault, DUI, drug possession. Then compare that to celebrities who have done the same, I guarantee that more than 3/4 of the celebrities who’ve committed those same crimes haven’t spend more than a week in jail. Its a sad day when your status in the world puts you above the lives and consequences of regular people.

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