life after death

okokok. PERFECT timing to do a book review on a book about heaven and what not, since recently my philosophy class just had a massive debate on whether there is a God or supreme being (I’ll save that rant for another blog post). However, what makes this so perfectly timed is that right at the time of the debate, i had just finished reading about 3/4 of one of the most eye opening books i’ve ever read in my lifetime.

the book, Proof of Heaven, written by Dr. Eben Alexander, M.D., is, technically speaking, a documentary in itself. Dr. Alexander had suffered a serious seizure in the early 2000’s, which resulted in doctors discovering that his body had contracted a serious, bacterial form of meningitis that affects 1% of the 1% that contract the disease. his body and organs filled with pus as a result of so many white blood cells attempting to attack and rid the body of the bacterial meningitis, usually caused by a harmful strain of E. coli. Dr. Alexander was placed in critical care for a week in a medically-induced coma so that his brain could rest while doctors attempted to clear his body of the harmful infection. while he was in his coma, he says that he had travelled to another world, almost like another dimension, that was neither human nor super natural in its kind, but more a place of extreme beauty to what some could compare to as “heaven”. 

now, Dr. Alexander tells the reader from the start that he was not a man of God. he went to church a few times, but had never really believed in the power of miracles. while he was separated from us on earth, he described the dimension that he went to as divine beauty, a beauty that can only be described when “present in the soul”. he goes on to say that he could hear angelic voices around him but saw nothing, not even his own body. his senses were present, but nothing else was present around him. the colours that we know of on the physical world stretch farther and create whole new spectrums in this so-called “after life”. it is in this realm that Dr. Alexander meets an angelic being, almost like a butterfly or a fairy-like creature, who he says “speaks to him without speaking”, guides him with her eyes, and allows him to hear any voice, even her own, who he says “sings to me clearer and more harmonious than any choir or person on the physical earth”. this angelic being guides him through the deepest of supernatural realms, where he meets and speaks to the Divine source of the universe itself. 

this book is so amazing, i can’t emphasize that enough. the words are so simple, yet his use of them makes his remembrance of events sound so deep and intellectual. i don’t believe that there are any words that could have described the depth of his journey, it almost seems contradictory to use simple language to describe it, but in a sense, the only way to explain the presence of any Divine being is “it just exists”. for example, he says “i was present in my body and i was, in a sense, colourful. i was every colour of the rainbow spectrum that you could imagine and more, but at the same time, i had no physical body, only super-physical”. simple language, but it is so simple that it allows your imagination to run free as to what kind of existence he was experiencing at the time of his out of body experience. although Dr. Alexander’s book and experience all together have been struck down by other medical experts, saying that he was “just hallucinating”, this books gives greater insight into helping us answer the age-old question: is there a life after death?

i am not a believer in any sort of “God”, whoever he may be (sorry if i offend anyone), but i am on the fence about a supreme being who created us all. SOMEONE or something had to have created who we are, we are far too advanced to not have been created purposely for some reason. this book is a must read for those who want an explanation or are curious about religion and afterlife.

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