the definition of empowerment

so I was watching the news a few days ago with my family, and one of those less-popular stories that don’t classify as breaking headlines came on the screen, and it was all about anti-rape clothing. Me being engrossed in my homework, I didn’t pay much attention to it. But soon I started hearing more and more about the issue, so I did a little bit of in-depth research, and what I found absolutely blew me away. 

There is a company called AR Wear, based out of New York, USA, and they have designed a new line of clothing which they call their  “Anti-Rape” Wear. Their line of clothing includes travelling shorts, running shorts, boy briefs and assorted types of underwear. The shorts have special locks around the groin, thighs and waist band so that it cannot be moved except by the person wearing them, they cannot be cut or ripped so that any form of sexual assault can be prevented. Their approach is to sell this to women so that they feel empowered and that they can prevent being raped by wearing these special types of clothing. And I think that it is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard.

First off, 

Designing clothing that prevents rape also implies that the kind of clothing you are wearing provokes someone to rape you is not empowering.

Finding yet another way to blame the person who was raped is in no way empowering women and is degrading in all forms.

There are hundreds of things that society tells women not to do in order to not get raped. For example, don’t walk alone at night, don’t go to bars or clubs or anywhere social alone, don’t drink, don’t wear provacative clothing and don’t trust any strangers or men. What this tells us is that anything women do can result in them being sexually assaulted, and THERE IS NO WAY TO 100% PREVENT A SEXUAL ASSAULT FROM HAPPENING.

And don’t you think that if a rapist did try to take the shorts off and became frustrated in doing so, it would only push him to perform other forms of sexual violation and/or more violent things? It does not add up. The video posted on their website says that women can have “more power to control the outcome of a sexual assault”. This is 100% blaming this on the victims, because they are using clothing to say that women should have more control over what happened to them. Instead of blaming the victims for what happened to them and teaching them how they can prevent rape, we should be teaching more on NOT RAPING PEOPLE. The only person in control of this situation is the rapist, and the only way to prevent a rape from happening is to not rape. 

I mean, to stop a dog from biting you, you put a muzzle on the dog, not wear iron pants.



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