First of all, I’d just like to say that writer’s craft is probably one of my favourite classes this year. However, as much as I love this class, I can’t really say that I particularly like this project. Not to say that it is a bad idea, because it’s probably one of the most creative projects I’ve had a teacher come up with before, using technology as a means of creativity. But our whole highschool career, and even further back into grades 6, 7, 8… we are told to keep our personal lives off the internet because nearly anyone can find it. Yes, this blog is used solely for school purposes, but what happens after we leave this class and move on with our lives? Our personal thoughts and ideas and opinions are out there for anyone to read. I like this project, I guess what I am just trying to say is how vulnerable this makes me feel, I’m not used to voicing my opinions, especially in a place as open as the online world and I assume I’m not the only one. I look forward to reading everyone’s posts 🙂

2 thoughts on “vulnerability

  1. I agree with you, but there is a way that you can make your blog private so that only we can see it, and so that some random person does not come along and see what you post. Trust me, been there done that. Take me for example, I felt the same way when I heard about this project, but then when I made it private and I figured out that I had control over what I post, then I felt better. Trust me, it’s not so bad, it’s just to get other opinions on your writing, but I do understand your point.

  2. I hate to scare you, but as soon as you connect, either through a connected network or through a wireless one, THERE IS NO WAY TO PROTECT ANYTHING YOU LOG ONTO OR CONNECT THROUGH. Anyone with a computer , some skill/talent, and the desire, can get at anything that is part of your electronic/digital world, include a lot more sensitive things than your blog opinions. A savy hacker could get all your banking information-even your physical location the moment you connect. They could retrieve information from any facebook or social media account you have, so the idea that there is a risk in having a blog should be far less concerning than the other information about you that is ‘floating around’ out there for someone to grab. All that said, the purpose of the blog is to give you an ‘authentic’ audiience, someone beyond your teacher to respond to your writing. I hope you come to understand it and use it for what it is worth.


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