Operation… and Other Games that Make Us Better

White Elephant in the Room

elephant_game copyI love pasta. It’s a deep love, a passionate love, a two syllable lo-ove. And sometimes you do crazy things for love. So the other night when I was making a little rotini and one fell ever-so-dramatically under the burner, I immediately – kids, don’t try this at home – removed the pot, turned off the stove and slowly maneuvered my fingers under the hot burner to rescue my true love.

As I successfully pulled the little sucker to safety, it dawned on me that my stealth extraction skills could be attributed to nothing other than years of playing Operation as a kid. After innumerable surgeries using itty bitty tweezers to remove the funny bone from a metal-skinned, red-nosed, high-voltage patient, no rotini would be left behind.

I began to wonder what other life-enhancing skills I may have learned from childhood games. It wasn’t long before I realized there were…

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